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Corliss Law Groups, Estate Planning Law Corporation: Welcome to the new Corliss Law Website

Corliss Law is dedicated to serving the unique planning needs of the business owner and their families through thorough, carefully designed and implemented business and wealth preservation strategies and plans.  We work with you and your team of other advisors to organize your family’s legal, business, financial, tax, and philanthropic goals into a seamless unified plan and then we join with you in implementing that plan.

While we serve all families with the same enthusiasm and dedication, our founder has a special affinity with business owners and the problems they face. That business affinity (i.e. the ability to see the world from your perspective) serves all our clients well, whether or not they are business owners. It serves our business owner clients exceptionally well.

Our goal is to help you:

Increase your control-- over your assets, your business and your life;

Assure the continuance of your lifestyle and the protection of your assets;

Enable you to pass your legacy (your values, responsibility and work ethic) to your heirs;

Substantially reduce gift, estate, income and generation skipping taxes;

Manage and protect the value of your business interests; and

Keep your personal life free from publicity and the costs and delay of probate.

You can visit our website

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